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"Whimsical Weddings and Events has done it again! Days after my wedding and people are STILL talking about it and I am sure they will be for a long time. The wedding has already been asked to be featured in a magazine! Everything about my big day was absolutely perfect. The attention to detail was amazing and people are saying it was the biggest thing to hit my hometown in OK since the landrun! Sacha was a absolute joy to work with she is constantly on top of everything and her creativity is out of this world! Blake and I had the time of our lives, as well as, many of our guests and we owe it all to Sacha!"


"I would highly recommend them (Whimsical Weddings & Events). Sacha exceeded my expectations of my special day. Looking back on it, I think that was the best vendor decision that I made."


"I cannot even begin to explain how much Sacha made our wedding the best day of our lives! We had our wedding in Tipton, MO where there aren't a lot of places to have a wedding reception. Basically our only option for a reception of 300 people was the Knights of Columbus Hall, and it is definitely not an ideal place for a beautiful reception. However, that posed no problem for Sacha who turn the drab KofC Hall into a beautiful work of art. The lighting was perfect, and the decorations were gorgeous! It really set the mood and atmosphere for a great party, and I know everyone had a blast!! We got sooooo many compliments saying it was the most beautiful wedding anyone has ever seen!! She was also a joy to work with, and was there for anything I needed!"

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Sacha's total value to my husband and I was a 12. Sacha kept us within our budget and saved us a ton of money with our vendors. I told her how I pictured my wedding and she helped me create an amazing vision for our day. She made sure that everything was done on time. And the day of she excuted everything perfectly. I didn't have to deal with anything I didn't want to. She made sure everyone was where they were suppose to be when they were suppose to be there. I can't emphasize enough how stressfree she made the whole process all the way through and especially the day of. Every memory I have of our wedding day and planning the wedding is a good one. And she has everything to do with that! Thanks Sacha!"

"Sacha Patires provided her expertise, guidance and experience in every place where I fell short. We had a small budget because my husband and I were paying for our own wedding but Sacha definitely saved us alot of money by referring vendors AND preventing us from making costly mistakes!!! I am not the greatest event planner and planning my wedding was a scary task BUT as soon as we employed Sacha, we knew we were in the right hands. Sacha went above and beyond the call of duty to see that every detail was handled with care AND that the best (and most affordable) vendors handled it. She brought in samples from magazines that had my wedding colors, samples of cloth for the table linens, she invited me along to tour my reception and ceremony site so that she knew exactly what I wanted. She also was available through phone, email and text for any last minute questions or concerns that I had. The timeline was a god-send or should I say Sacha-send? After planning the wedding for a year, I thought I had a grip on things but when the week of the wedding comes, you really should be prepared for ANYTHING. Anyway, even I followed the timeline on the day of the wedding and it really put my mind at ease. On the day-of I couldn't remember what time I was supposed to eat lunch or what time the hair person was going to be there BUT the timeline allowed me to focus on being a bride and my last day of being single. Sacha worked hard on my wedding in the months leading up to it, but she really came in handy the week of our wedding helping with last minute details and pulling everything together. She is a master of weddings and she has seen what works/what doesn't. I really cannot say enough about her."

"Sacha went above and beyond her hired duties for us! We actually hired her to be our wedding decorator, but she did so much more. We had a problem with the original photographer I hired, and she stepped in and got us out of our current contract with the old photographer and found us a much much much better photographers who did an amazing job for our wedding! She knows the best vendors out there for the area so I would definately take her advice on any vendors she says are good!"

"Sacha took care of EVERYTHING! I never dreamed that my wedding day could be so stress-free. Her organization and ability to coordinate our 23(!) vendors made the wedding day a breeze for me and my husband."

"Sacha comes from a engineering background and I think this gives her an advantage over other planners. I say this because she was able to plan, visualize, and calculate things perfectly. In addition to her amazing vision and passion for her work she is amazing to work with. She is extremely caring and sweet. She is extremely valuable because she works well with others and gets along with everyone. She is silly and fun and I felt throughout the process she understood everything I wanted and was able to make it all happen in what felt like a a wave of a wand. I could go on about her great qualities all day but in the end she is professional but her work as a wedding planner speaks for itself. She is truly amazing."


"The value of Sacha as a wedding planner is definately a 10 if not more! I only hired her as my wedding design/decorator, but if I new then what I know now, I would have hired her to do everything. She is well worth the money, because she just eliminates so much stress its unbelievable. The way I think about it is, that she does this for a living whereas we are only doing this once in our life. There is now way we can know everything that needs to be done. She really does ensure that no detail goes left untouched!"

"Sacha made our day special in so many ways. Not only was she there from the very first, she has been there through the end and then some. From the get go Sacha was emailing me and showing me ideas that she thought fit my vision. I lack in the creative department and Sacha had every little detailed covered that I very possibly could have over looked. She saved my husband and I so much stress just by knowing all the vendors in our area and knowing who to use and who not to use. She knew exactly what we could get for our money and she always tried to push to get a little extra too. The best part about have Sacha as our wedding planner is that the whole process was as stress-free as possible. I literally got to enjoy every minute of being engaged, planning our wedding and being a bride. I never once wished that the whole thing was over. I enjoyed the whole process every step of the way. Sacha made sure that everything would be perfect and it truly was! Our wedding day was everything we hoped and more. If I were to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing."


"She (Sacha) executed my big day perfectly. She made it a special experience not just for me and my groom but for my guests as well. The ceremony was very classic and romantic. Then, the cocktail hour was elegant with a great atmosphere for everyone to visit and discuss how beautiful the ceremony was. When she showed me the room where our five course dinner was being held (which I did not want to have it there because it was where my prom was held) I cried. She had completely transformed the room. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I constantly showed her my inspiration from David Tuterra but I must say she is better! After the five course dinner in a magical elegant setting it was the grand finale. A chic nightclub themed dance party under the stars. My day was particularly special because it was held in my tiny OK hometown. I was nervous having it there but she created an event that was as if we were not in a small town but somewhere out of this world. It was a large wedding with many different elements. Her attention to detail on everything was phenomenal. I want to have another wedding just so Sacha can plan it!"

"WW will make it happen. Whatever it is that you want, you will get it! And more!"

"Sacha helped me more than words can say. She is the reason I wanted to hire a wedding planner/coordinator. Like I said, she was available through phone, text email and I am sure there are more ways she made herself available too. She didn't put restrictions on "how many times" I could text her or email her like OTHER planners I have seen. She was very easy going, straight forward and kind. PLUS when you are planning a wedding, you need fast advice and Sacha provided that. Being a bride can be stressful, but not if you have Sacha around!"

"She (Sacha) is so easy to work with, fun and knows what she is doing! You don't have to worry about a thing when she is around."

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